AUG 19 2021

Module 5 - 19th & 20th August 2021

Course Type: Teaching

Module 5 - 19th & 20th August 2021

Course Type: Teaching


Module 5 - Facilitate advanced learner-centred learning

This two day workshop covers Unit Standards: 29691: Facilitate adult learning sessions using adult teaching and learning theories and frameworks L5.  Total 20 Credits. (2 days face to face– cost $675+GST or Early Bird $625+GST)

The workshop will enable you to:

* Compare and contrast a range of teaching and learning theories and frameworks 
* Prepare and apply a range of learner centred approaches and delivery materials 
* Address barriers to learning and embed literacy & numeracy into subject disciplines
* Use a range of facilitation strategies to meet diverse learner needs 
* Assess learner progress and give constructive feedback 
* Review and evaluate the effectiveness of advanced learner-centred sessions

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